Avaible plans

Intelipremium users can signup and use Intelichat for 30 days without any payment - no credit card is required.

Currently we accept Paypal.

Messages for plans consumption are considered as those sent by users and chatbots. For broadcast, each message sent is considered as one message.

Plans and Pricing


  • Up to 3 BOTs
  • 300 messages monthly
  • A simple plan to start
  • Suitable for small automations

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Plans and Pricing


  • Up to 50 BOTs
  • All features and functions available
  • Add messages later, if necessary

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Escalation from chatbots to humans in Intelichat

There many situations when, even that lot of efforts are spent to have chatBOTs properly trained, not all of the client’s needs are fulfilled by automated chat

Nov, 2017

Effective Chatbots Should Meet Knowledge Management and Knowledge Centered

This article may seem odd for this publication, once it is not restricted to discuss only chatbots...

Apr, 2016

An NLU review with the help of a Hollywood movie

First of all, let me tell you that I really like sci-fi movies, and obviously I’m interested in AI, NLU and chatbots...