Virtual assistants always trained and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Build chatbots and virtual assistants without programming.

With each interaction, learn more about your customers

where to use?

Easily create virtual assistants. Assist your clients when they need, reply promptly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Some additional scenarios where Intelichat can be used include:

  • Technical assistance;
  • Sales assistance;
  • Marketing (promotion of products, goods and services);
  • General information;
  • Eventsand conferences;
  • Prospecting;
  • Self-service in technical support;
  • Storytelling;
  • Advisory services;
  • NGOs - No-governmental organizations;
  • Artist’s and craftsman’s portfolio;
  • Academic assistance;
  • Gastronomic tips;
  • Conversational interface for external systems;
  • Quick orders;

How it works

Chatbots for messenger and Web

  • + visual building of chatbots without programming
  • + multiple-choice questions with support for illustrative images, if desired
  • + enables exhibition of information for dissemination of knowledge, including external links
  • + various validations for client's replies
  • + support for assessments, quizzes and surveys with scores
  • + e-mail notification about interactions, including transcripts of dialogs and user’s attributes
  • + reports available for dialog and interaction analysis
  • + visitor records with attributes captured during dialogs. With each interaction, learn more about your clients
  • + data, attributes, and information captured and made available in a big data database
  • + knowledge base for content creation and distribution
  • + integration with external systems and Language Understanding systems
  • + Platform with workflow for application integration with conversational interface
Know more

No installation required, Intelichat is available as a service.


You do not need programming knowledge.


Facebook setup is automated, including the creation of the APP and configuration on the BOT messenger on the page.


It just takes a few minutes to start interacting with your customers!

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